About Us

Hi! Welcome to Guangzhou Expat!

This community is for you if you live in Guanghou, travel to Guangzhou or are interested what life is like here in Guangzhou China. We post weekly videos about life here, including: culture, travel, food, language, family fun.

To sum it, we want to show you how you can have a fun and interesting life in Guangzhou!

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Let me introduce you the hosts behind this community!

Sara is from Finland and has been living in Guangzhou since 2010. She studied in China and now works as a Chinese teacher at her own language center.

Alan is a local guy from Guangzhou. He has the passion for being an entrepreneuer and tech. He is the guy most often behind the camera and in front of the computer editing all of our videos.

And yeah you guessed right, we are married! We live in a village in Guangzhou with our daughter and pets.

Welcome to the community!