A must read for everyone teaching English in China

This book is a great intro to what to expect when you are living in China as an ESL teacher. 

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Teaching in China: A Snapshot of Working in the Middle Kingdom is designed for readers who are considering an international move to mainland China to teach English as a Second Language.

Offering a wealth of information about the ESL and international school industry in China, this book is based on the author’s personal experiences of living and working in Guangzhou for five years.

“Teaching in China” is a great read for anyone who might be considering teaching abroad and is weighing out options or locations, or for anyone who has taught abroad (specifically in China), and feels like a bit of a walk down memory lane! 

Review on Amazon

Stephen Johnson lived in Guangzhou, China from May 2015 – June 2020. He is the author of “Teaching in China: A Snapshot of Working in the Middle Kingdom.” 

He enjoys learning foreign languages and traveling solo to remote corners of the world. Stephen has been to nearly 20 countries and has conversational proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and Japanese.

It was my goal to create a helpful resource for those contemplating a move to CHina. I felt there wasn’t a lot of good information in one place. I know many potential teachers haven’t arrived for fear of uncertainty about China. Now they can read this book.

Stephen Johnson, The Author

If this book sounds like it’s for you, then head to Amazon where you can buy it as Kindle e-book or paperback.