Family Fun in Guangzhou – Tianjia Eco Farm

Visit a farm playground

Guangzhou has a lot of fun places to visit for a day trip, today we are taking you to the Diyin Hutian Jiashe Eco Farm (Also known as Tianjia Eco Farm). Technically located in the neighboring city of Zhongshan, but still quite close to the Guangzhou border. Only 1.5 hours drive from the Zhujiang New Town, so makes for a fun half or full day for the family.

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The farm doesn’t have a restaurant, so prepare a picnic basket with you. There are tables in the shade near the playground, and they even have fans installed to every corner of that gazebo.

At the entrance you can rent a stroller for 30rmb/day, perfect not only for your kid but also for the picnic basket. You don’t want to carry heavy stuff in the heat!

Most things are free inside the park, but a few things require extra payment. Playground and swimming are free. For feeding the animals you get a ticket you can change for animal food.

For more information (in Chinese) and discounts tickets:…

In Apple Map APP you can search for: Tianjia Sheshengtai Farm

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