International Schools in Guangzhou

There are many international schools in Guangzhou, but it might sometimes be a difficult task to find the best fit for your children. First thing you can start with is to check their websites for basic information and to schedule a time to go and see the school.

There are two types of schools listed in here:

  1. International schools that only accept foreign passport holders, don’t adhere to Chinese compulsory education
  2. Bilingual schools that also accept local kids, do adhere to Chinese compulsory education, blending it with the international curriculum

Check details from the school websites:

Britannia International School

  • Britannia International School (BIS) is a member school of the Canadian International Educational Organisation. (CIEO).
  • BIS is a non-profit, co-educational international school in Guangzhou China which offers The British National Curriculum.
  • Pre-Nursery 80 000CNY/year
  • Year 10: 135 000CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Baiyun District

Canadian International School

  • CIS offers a Kindergarten to Grade 12 education based on the Alberta, Canada curriculum.
  • Pre-Kindergarten 130 000CNY/year
  • Grade 10-12: 195 000CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Panyu District

American International School

  • AISG has a rich history of over 37 years of educational excellence in Guangzhou. 
  • AISG curriculum standards depend on the grade level.
  • Preschool 162 100CNY/year
  • High School 236 100CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Preschool and Elementary campus on Ersha Island, Yuexiu District. Middle School and High School campus in Science Park, Huangpu District.

The British School

  • Our curriculum is designed to provide the highest academic quality of education.
  • We follow the English National Curriculum, which is studied in the UK and worldwide.
  • Offers toddler groups starting from 1 year olds
  • Full day Pre-Nursery 161 604CNY/year
  • Year 13: 243 257CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Baiyun District

Basis International School

  • The mission of the BASIS International School Guangzhou is to provide our students with a transformative early childhood and K – 12 education.
  • Our school is designed to go beyond an American education and challenge each student to reach his or her potential.
  • PreK 182 200CNY/year
  • Grades 9-12: 241 900CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Huangpu District

Utahloy International School

  • Utahloy International School Guangzhou (UISG) is the only international school in Guangzhou to offer a full International Baccalaureate continuum education from Early Years to Year 12.
  • PreK 123 840CNY/year
  • Grade 12: 219 840CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Baiyun District

Japanese International School

  • Please see their website for school information in Japanese
  • Located in Huangpu District

ISA International School

  • ISA was established to offer students in Guangzhou an outstanding academic and holistic education.
  • The School follows the framework of the IB PYP and MYP Curriculum supported by the content and standards of the new British Curriculum of the UK and Wales.
  • Early Years 1: 145 000CNY/year
  • Year 10: 180 000CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Tianhe District

Clifford International School

  • The Manitoba curriculum is implemented from grade 1 to grade 12.  Clifford School also offers an Advanced Placement (AP) program for interested students.
  • Elementary school 45 500CNY/Year
  • Senior High 60 000CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Panyu District

French International School

  • The French International School of Guangzhou (EFIC) has been the only school since 1997 to offer a school curriculum in French in Guangzhou.
  • Our school offers an education system combining three languages (French, English, and Chinese) according to guidelines set out by the French Ministry of Education.
  • Kindergarten 78 500CNY/year
  • High school 136 300CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Baiyun District

Fettes College

  • Our ethos is based on that of Fettes College, one of the UK’s leading co-educational full boarding schools whose talented alumni have succeeded across the globe in an enviable variety of professions.
  • We believe that a British boarding education provides an exceptional opportunity for your child; an immersive environment for living and learning.
  • Kindergarten 200 000CNY/year
  • Senior school 300 000CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Zengcheng District

Yeh Wah International Education School

  • Yew Wah International Education Schools (YWIES) are built upon the many decades of experience of Yew Chung International School in offering quality international education in Hong Kong and mainland China.
  • Provide also early childhood education
  • Year 1: 185 000CNY/year
  • Year 10: 320 000CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Huadu district

Huamei International School

  • Huamei School, located in the education core area of Tianhe district, Huamei road, covering 16 area, was founded by a group of returned overseas Chinese scholars. 
  • Mission is to integrate Eastern and Western educational philosophies,to cultivate tomorrow’s global leaders.
  • Kindergarten 80 000CNY/year
  • Middle school 80 000CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Tianhe District

Alcanta International College

  • At Alcanta International College our ambitions are high and we hope to establish something that is unique in China.
  • The school runs the IB Diploma for its senior students and also offers grade 8 and 10 classes aimed to prepare students for an IB education.
  • Grade 7: 155 000CNY/year
  • Grade 12: 178 000CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Nasha district

Nord Anglia School

  • Check their website for introduction in Chinese, at this moment the school doesn’t have an English website
  • Located in Panyu district

Grace Academy

  • Guangzhou Grace Academy belongs to a worldwide family of schools using the School Of Tomorrow curriculum.
  • Students are individually diagnosed to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses; their course of study is tailored to meet their individual needs. 
  • Kindergarten 82 000CNY/year
  • Grade 12: 108 000CNY/year
  • All tuition fees
  • Located in Panyu District