Tianhe District – Guangzhou

Tianhe (天河 Tiānhé) District is the new center of Guangzhou, this is where most of the expats live and spend their time.

Zhujiang New Town (珠江新城 Zhūjiāng xīnchéng) and Liede (猎德 Lièdé) are both new neighborhoods, building of these areas started 10-15 years ago so they are literally new. Both of them have metro stations by the same names.

Zhujiang New Town and Liede

Zhujiang New Town has the Huacheng Square (花城广场 huāchéng guăngchăng) with the beautiful view to the Canton Tower. This is a great park for a stroll, the view is especially beautiful in the evening.

  • Zhujiang New Town has shopping malls like the GTLand Plaza Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
  • Spring Plaza has AEON Supermarket and Winter Plaza (accross the park) has a bit more pricey BLT Supermarket (with more imported products).
  • Many expat restaurants can be found on Huajiu Road (华就路 Huájiù lù) or the Kingold Plaza for example.
  • Closeby is also IFC that has a shopping mall next to it and the famous Four Seasons hotel on top. On the 99th floor you will find the sky bar.
  • You can easily find addresses of restaurants and other places by searching on Bunga Monkey.

Liede has the Utopa Shopping mall with Decathlon sports store and some restaurants. More restaurants you can find on the Xingsheng Road (兴盛路 Xīngshèng Lù) bar and restaurant street, and at Canton Place (广粤天地 Guăngyuè Tiāndì).

  • Canton place has many foreign and Chinese restaurants, also the popular Corner’s Deli – a small supermarket with many imported products.
  • Close to the metro station there is the IGC shopping mall, with many upscale shops you will also find the Olé Supermarket with many imported products.
  • Next to IGC there is a new mall opening called Tiande, the restaurants next to it are located in old (at least old looking) Cantonese buildings, a new hot spot for the local influencers.
  • Zhujiang Park (珠江公园 Zhūjiāng gōngyuán) is located in Liede and is a great park to stroll around or take your kids to play at the playground. Notice that you can’t step or sit on the grass in this park, so no picnics.

Around East Railway Station is the area that many expats call Tianhe, even the whole district is Tianhe. Here you find many shopping malls.

  • From the Tiyuxilu (体育西路 Tĭyù xīlù) metro station you can find three shopping malls next to each other.
  • At TMall (天河城 Tiānhéchéng) in Tiyuxilu (they have many other locations too, it’s a chain) you can find many shops and restaurants, also the AEON Supermarket in the basement.
  • At Parc Central (天环广场 Tiānhuán guăngchăng), besides lots of shops and restaurants, you can also find the Apple Store.
  • at Grandview Mall (正佳广场 Zhèngjiā guăngchăng) you can also find many shops and restaurants. Here they also have the aquarium that many expats boycott because they used to have a live polar bear living there and still news pop up once in a while about mistreating of animals.

Accross the street of these three shopping malls is the Sports Center, under it is the undergroud shopping mall called Fashion Tianhe (时尚天河 Shíshàng Tiānhé) which is a fun shopping street underground. For kids they have mirror maze, small snow room for photos and a bigger snow room with a few slides and chance to play in the snow.

At the East Railway Station there is yet another shopping mall with shops, restaurants and AEON Supermarket.

Outside the center of Tianhe there are a few places expats like to visit.

  • IKEA of course! For your furniture needs or when you geta craving of Swedish meatballs. Again check Bunga Monkey for the address.
  • METRO is a wholesale grocery store where you can also buy small amounts. You do need to sign in as a member the first time you go. Many foreigners like to shop here because you can easily reach it by car, they have huge variety of products and you can get an official invoice for your shopping.
  • If you have already taken your kids to all play areas in the center, try the Aoti Center (Aoti Utopa Mall) next time! They have several indoor playgrounds, tramboline park and wall climbing outside.