The following tutors are listed here for your convenience when looking for a tutor. Guangzhou Expat is NOT liable for the tutors or the service they provide. The tutors are NOT employed by Guangzhou Expat either.

Please confirm tutor’s identity and experience before you hire them.

Professor Harlan: English, English Literature, History, Geography, Public speaking

  • Junior high school to adults
  • Speaks English, French
  • University Island, Tianhe
  • Fees negotiable
  • WeChat: Ren14u

Tuba Kesen: German, English, History, Economics, Geography

  • 7 year olds to adults
  • Speaks German, English
  • Huadu and Yuexiu
  • Fees negotiable
  • WeChat: TKNIL99

Marie Lienard & Sarah Ung: French

  • Kids and adults
  • Speaks French, English, Mandarin, Cantonese
  • Chigang (Haizhu district)
  • 250rmb/hour
  • WeChat: 18529141185

Carlos Finnot: Maths, Physics, Philosophy

  • 7 to 18+ year olds
  • Speaks English, Spanish, Chinese, French
  • Tianhe (Prefer Liede and Zhujiang New Town)
  • 300rmb/hour (negotiable)
  • WeChat: c93frenjara

William Collin: English

  • Middle school and high school students
  • Speaks English
  • Liwan or online
  • 250-300rmb/hour
  • WeChat: williamcollin

Ted Anderson: Economics, History, Debate

  • All ages
  • Speaks English
  • Panyu
  • 600rmb/hour
  • WeChat: torontoteddy

MJ Viljoen: Mathematics, English

  • Primary school students
  • Speaks English
  • Liede
  • 250rmb/hour
  • WeChat: MJVlogs

Marco Zambon: Italian language and culture

  • All ages
  • Speaks Italian, English and Mandarin
  • Tianhe, negotiable
  • Fees negotiable
  • WeChat: 18602519747

Carmelo Bono: English, Math, Science, Socials, History

  • Elementary, high school and university students, depends on the subject
  • Speaks English, elementary level Chinese
  • Tianhe
  • 600rmb/hour
  • WeChat: 13164532916

Dion Myles: Greek language, culture and history, English

  • All ages
  • Speaks English, French, Greek, Mandarin
  • Panyu or negotiable
  • 200-250rmb/hour
  • WeChat: EROSDIO

Maarten Boer: Art, Design, Brand development

  • High school to adults
  • Speaks English
  • Dongshankou
  • Fees negotiable
  • WeChat: mjwboer