How to find news and information about Guangzhou in English?

There are many news outlets and WeChat accounts offering news in Chinese about Guangzhou, but how to find useful and important information in Chinese?

Check out these news sites and WeChat accounts for up to date information and news about Guangzhou.

GD Today

Owned by a state media, GD Today is quick to update us on recent news in English, just a couple hours after they have been posted in Chinese. A definitely a must follow for all expats living in Guangzhou.

Website: http://www.newsgd.com

That’s PRD

Perhaps a little slow on updating the news as their main business is a monthly magazine, but can also offer interesting information about what’s going on in Guangzhou.


Silk Road Post

Another state media operated news platform for Guangzhou. Their website was one of the only sources of information and started already in 2006. On WeChat similar news that GD Today is posting, but never hurts to follow both.

Left QR-code is their news channel, the right has more article about the culture along Maritime Silk Road.


Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office

The Guangzhou FAO WeChat account is mostly in Chinese, but they publish official information in multilingual articles including English.