Local vs Expat – Blind tasting and where to order desserts

When living in China it’s natural that once in a while you miss food from your own country. In this video we ordered Western cakes and pastries online to test them out for you! Where to buy Western food in China?

Guangzhou has many options for buying Western food, but this time we are concentrating on the sweet desserts.

If you can’t see the video above, go to YouTube to check it there!

Here are all the bakers that participated on our challenge, they all come highly recommended!

Part 1: Cookies

Both cookies came from Kookie Box that delivers everywhere in Mainland China. The cookies arrived in a cute box all the way from Shenyang. Order on their website: http://www.tykooeats.com/ Contact on WeChat: tykooeats

Part 2: Brownie and Blondie

Brownie was provided by Kookie Box, see contact details above.

Blondie came from Shanghai by Suga’hai. It arrived a few days before shooting and was stored in the freezer as recommended, that’s why I tasted it on the video first to be sure it wasn’t frozen. Order on their website: http://www.sugahai.com/ Contact on WeChat: sugahai

Part 3: Cakes

Blueberry cake was from Small House Cake and they deliver only in Guangzhou. Order via WeChat: TTT—777

Rose cake was provided by Namrata who makes eggless and vegan cakes, delivered only in Guangzhou. Order via WeChat: NamrataMotiani